Real Qual-Quant Really Works!

Often times we hear objections about how qual-quant doesn't really work or isn't truly blended, which is true in many cases when its cobbled together, but not when the methodology is designed to be used for this purpose. In the latest issue of C&R Research's KidzBeat newsletter there is a nice piece from Kelley Styring of Insight Farm about how their IQ offering (powered by Invoke) really does the trick... Here is a sample (you can read the whole thing on page 11 here).

As a Consumer Strategist, I struggle with this daily when it comes to Market Research tools. My clients want and deserve to get the most value they can from every study, sometimes pushing what a technique can do until they break it – or under-serve their learning needs by compromising what a tool is intended to do. We ask people in focus groups to raise their hands and count the numbers. Ugh.

We ask people in online surveys to describe the feel of their hand on a suede jacket. Really? While we design studies responsibly and caveat the findings, we are still making compromises.

I had a great boss once say “when given a choice, take both.” This was the first thought that came to mind when introduced to C&R’s Interactive Query® tool. Most of my experience with “qual-quant” techniques resulted in compromise – quantitative that was limited to a few geographies and collected in large group settings where bias could occur. The qualitative was never among the people we really wanted to talk to and was rushed as an add-on to the quant. It felt a little like eating candy—super delicious at the time, but not very substantial.

Interactive Query® has not only changed my mind about the melding of quantitative research with qualitative depth, but has turned my opinion of online research on its head.


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