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I love you Twitter, but I am worried about you

Hey Twitter, I'm not sure I get you any more. I thought we had a good thing going but I am concerned. First of all, I love you Twitter. Even if I understand why others don't. I use you for work to keep up with the marketing, tech, and research industries. I follow companies I like, brands and people I find interesting, and those that I compete against. If knowledge is a gift, than Twitter for me is Christmas 365 days/year. But with brand pages and other enhanced features I am starting to worry about you. I feel like you are trying to be everything to everyone. You want what Facebook has and what Google is trying to take away. I get it. Facebook is printing money and all the cool kids love G+, but they don't have what you have Twitter. They don't have the constant influx of valuable content and the connections with like minded strangers. They don't have the beautiful simplicity of many mobile apps that make tweeting and reading tweets easy n any dev

Dare I Say, This Could Use a QR code

I often talk about the unnecessary use of QR codes... On planes, subways, computer screens, but this is a prime example where one would make sense. The picture below is on a coaster at the Yard House and promotes their mobile app. While the app itself isn't great there is no doubt that the promo could use a more direct route to downloading it and there is no shorter route than the much maligned QR code. Where else should people be using QR's that aren't?