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What was that iTunes social network again? Three problems with Apple’s Ping


3 Takeaways from the Inbound Marketing Summit for Market Researchers

I spent two days this week at the Inbound Marketing Summit and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As an avid podcast/webcast viewer, I am not sure how much new I learned (except the brilliance of unmarketing’s Scott Stratten), but as someone who works in the market research, and more broadly professional services industry, I had three big takeaways.

1. As an industry, most marketers in the professional services world are behind the times. 
Marketing today needs to not only support sales, but bring in leads and play an active role in engaging buyers, partners, and potential employees.  It is no longer enough to simply put out an e-newsletter, stand in your booth at some conferences, and make up some pretty collateral.  Smart marketers are producing regular sharable content, participating in discussions, and using their position as a company learning post.

2. Corporate marketers are talking about measurement, but not market research.  Granted this was a conference about Inbound Market…

5 Facts from a new report on Social Sharing

Earlier this week, my friend Jeff McKenna and I released a new Chadwick Martin Bailey Consumer Pulse report about why, how, and what people share content online. As a social media junkie, this was research close to my heart. And I love being able to add a “voice of the people” to the results from the chats iModerate conducted as part of the research.

Below are five of my favorite findings from this research.
75% of people are somewhat / highly likely to share content they like online For 18-34, email & Facebook are used similarly for social sharing, for 35+ email is dominant31% of people who share do it to generate thoughtful ideas or discussion32% of people have shared coupons and discounts in the past 3 months Only 10% of people who share online content are less likely to share branded content