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Praising A Panel Company (It Pains Me)

I spend a lot of time in this blog taking panel companies to task, but I really liked and appreciated what I saw in this new video from Toluna. They are thinking from a panelist perspective (at least in this video) and what makes it worthwhile to be part of the Toluna community. Nice work.

How Geo-Targeting is Affecting Customer Loyalty Programs

Originally posted at the CMB Research Blog
Recently I have been playing around with Foursquare, the geo-targeting based social media application that allows me to "check in" at certain locations, share my "check in" with friends via Twitter and Facebook, and earn "badges" based on how much I use it. I'll be honest, as a consumer I don't fully get it (yet). But as a marketer in 2010 I want to understand where things are going and be able to speak to them as they relate to our clients. And with this week's eMarketer report that 53% of mobile app users are willing to share their locations, there is no question that there is a huge opportunity for brands to utilize this technology.

Certainly geo-targeting is not for everyone, but some major brands are going beyond mobile ads and jumping in to help increase the impact of their loyalty programs and reward their best customers in real-time. And as many companies seek to evolve their loyalty programs i…

The Life of a Research Panelist: Invitations Count

One of my first posts on this blog was about the way online research panels bombard panelists with requests to participate in research. It seemed like I was being invited to take part in surveys that were not relevant and getting these invitations at an alarming rate.
How companies treat panelists came to my mind again last week as I listed to speakers at the Social Media and Community Strategies 2.0 Conference. It seemed like as a research panelist I was only treated as product, not as a part of a community where I had any real control over my own experience.
After tweeting out the question “do panel companies think of their panelists as customers?” (I received a nice reply from iTracks saying that they do and I have no reason to dispute it.) There is no doubt an opportunity to get more engagement and insight from people who have agreed to be a part of your panel. Or at least to better understand my preferences as a panelist, but instead I just get requests to take a survey… and requ…

The internal questionnaire

My last post was about how we conducted internally feedback and a few people asked if they could see the actual questionnaire. As I said, it is far from perfect, but it got us moving in the right direction!
What is your role in the company?
- Executive
- Project manager
-Research associate
-Senior consultant/director
-Business development
0-10 agree/disagree scale: On the whole, the marketing team is doing its part to help its CMB internal customers to meet/exceed their goals
Why do you rate the marketing team that way? (open end)
0-10 agree/disagree scale: The marketing team follows through on requests quickly and thoroughly
Why do you rate the marketing team that way? (open end)
0-10 agree/disagree scale: The marketing team delivers work of the highest quality
Why do you rate the marketing team that way? (open end)
Overall, has the marketing team improved from 2008 to 2009? Yes/No/don’t know
Where do you see room for improvement? (open end)
What do you think the marketing te…