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Taking the Medicine: Setting an Internal Benchmark for Effectiveness

It recently occurred to me that since starting my current role over a year ago I have revamped the entire marketing infrastructure in my organization – from technology, to strategy, to staff, to measurement. Over the next few months I’ll be posting on a lot of those changes – both in terms of why and how we did it – and offer tips for people looking to put the same principles to work in their companies. Today’s topic is a simple one – establishing an internal benchmark for effectiveness/ performance.

The marketing function in a small-medium sized company like mine can be very different than what people thinking of as “marketing” in a large organization. Traditionally marketers play a sales support role and defer to content experts on the substance of all communications. This makes it very hard to truly measure the success of a group.So while many of the changes we have made are designed to make it easier to measure success, I knew that there was a lot to learn from our intern…