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Summing up The Market Research Event

Great week at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas. The mood was generally positive although some companies are still struggling to meet their goals. Lots of great conversations, great people, and great presentations. Looking forward to San Diego next year!

In case you missed it, here is the lowdown on our presentation with Facebook's Meg Sloan.

And read here for more great on-site blogging from April Bell, summing up the event:

The Redemption of Microsoft?

With the upcoming launch of Windows 7 - and the hope that people will soon forget the Microsoft Vista debacle, we reecently conducted some research to see what IT professionals thought about the new release and their plans to adopt or not adopt Microsoft's latest operating system.

One of the things we found was that for Netbooks specifically, Windows 7 is likely to make huge inroads and continue Microsoft's stronghold over Netbook OS's. Read more in Computerworld...

The Best Loyalty Program?

Interesting post over at Colloquoy commenting on an Ad Age article touting Harrah's loyalty program as the gold standard. While the science behind it and the organizational commitment behind it are hard to question, there are many now competing on its level.

Neiman Marcus, Starbucks, Borders and more have made huge strides in the loyalty program space by delivering real value to members and ensuring that the program is a positive brand experience, not just an initiative that lives in its own silo.

What do you think?

Read the article here.

Only ¼ of Companies Are Managing Marketing Effectively

A snipit from CMB and CMG Partners' upcoming white paper, the Marketing Performance Advantage.

Boston, MA (10/7/2009) – Only one-fourth of companies believe they are managing their marketing efforts effectively, according to the results of a landmark survey of more than 400 companies by strategic marketing consultancy CMG Partners and market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. But the study also found that those companies that actively use marketing effectiveness best practices are reaping positive results in areas such as share gains or revenue growth.

The study, entitled The Marketing Performance Advantage, surveyed more than 400 companies across a variety of industries and company sizes to determine the key attributes of successful marketing organizations and to understand what marketing practices they employ.
“We found a high degree of interest in marketing measurement, but surprisingly very few executives reported success with translating that interest into improved marketing…

CMB and Facebook at The Market Research Event

We're looking forward to co-presenting with our client from Facebook at The Market Research Event in a few weeks. The conference is fast approaching and we hope you can check out our presentation at 8:30 AM on the 19th!

Topic: The New School of Market Research – Creating An Insights Practice in the World of Social Media

Learn how Facebook, along with help from Chadwick Martin Bailey, is building an insights practice specifically designed to support decisions in the world of social media that include information from and for employees, users, and advertisers.

Get a peek inside the world’s preeminent social networking company

Learn how to create a research department that meets the needs of a constantly evolving business

Get tips on how to best partner with research firms to enhance your position within a client organization


Brant Cruz, Vice PresidentChadwick Martin Bailey

Meg Sloan, Facebook

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