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What I love most about iOS6 (in six sentences)

There has been so much press about the bad sides of Apple's new operating software (maps anyone?), but I love it. Here are the three things making me happiest about the upgrade: Less logins: This may not be technically true at all but it seems like iTunes and the App Store are remembering my login more often, so I don't have to enter a password just to update my apps. Easier sharing: I LOVE the new share screen with all of the options easily laid out and accessible. Siri is useful: The promise of Siri was always great but now it's closer to meeting it by finding me restaurants on Yelp and getting sports scores. What are your favorite parts of iOS 6?

Three signs that your great idea is not working (in six sentences)

Perhaps the hardest thing for any business to admit - regardless of size - is that something just isn't working. It is easy to tell someone else to pull the plug on their idea, but doing it yourself is never quote as easy as it should be. Here are three signs that now is the time to stop investing time and money in your project and consider moving on to your next great idea: 1) When you try to explain the value proposition of your idea to friends and family you can't make it simple enough for them to "get it." 2) You are working harder than before and getting less in return than you used to. 3) You are losing your passion for the idea.