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Two things I am thinking about (and you should be too)

If you're like me at all you probably have a lot more popping in and out of your mind than you can ever act on in a given work day or week or year. But a few things keep sticking with me- probably for good reason. Here are two of the things I am spending too much time mulling over.

1) Where does my job begin and end?

I ask this a lot, but does it really matter? The truth is that if you see something that needs fixing and have the ability to fix it, there is rarely a good reason not to just get it done. And if that means you've skipped some steps or forgotten to get permission... I am yet to meet a good boss who would care.

2) Is being blunt bad?

I can definitely be direct in my feedback and I wonder if it's too much sometimes. But I want things to be as good as they can be so who am I helping if I tread lightly and things move slower or less effectively or both? You don't need to be rude in your feedback but sugar coating it seems to be a contributor to failure…