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You may know me, but I don’t know you

In my last blog post about sellers and buyers making the process easier, I really wanted to include a story about a recent sales call – or series of calls rather that I received as a case in what not to do if you want to successfully cold call a business prospect (name and company changed to protect the guilty). I am paraphrasing, but it went a little like this.

Voicemail 1:“Hi Josh, my name is George and I am calling from awesomeweb, a local design firm specializing in thought leadership based websites and I would like to talk to you about your website and how we might be able to help you increase your search engine power.”

One week later:

Voicemail 2: “Hi Josh, this is George calling from awesomeweb again. I left you a message last week and was hoping to talk to you about how we might be able to help with your web design needs.”

One week later:

Voicemail 3: “Hey Josh. George from awesomeweb. Give me a call.”

George started off well enough, but made a criminal mistake as he mo…

You Like Food? Wait Tables. Buy for a Living? Try Selling

As a regular buyer of business technology and services I am continually shocked at some of the mistakes made by people trying to sell to me. And while I understand how many of the mistakes happen having done the job and read numerous selling books and white papers on the topic, many of those people I encounter would be far more successful if they made a few minor changes by thinking from the buyer perspective.

The truth is that anyone who sells any product or service should spend some time on the buying side and anyone who buys should take a turn selling. Or as I always say to anyone who likes to eat out at restaurants, spend some time waiting tables and you'll quickly learn how to get better service and appreciate the value of the slight over tip.

Sticking with the dining out metaphor, here are three tips to make buying and selling easier for everyone:

1. Create a comfortable environment: Remember that your job is not to “sell me something,” it is to help the buyer buy. The odd…