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When did we lose our marketing mind?

I was happy to be part of a great panel discussion earlier this week at the small business breakfast in Boston (#smb24) and came away with one big question? When did we lose our marketing mind (and why)?Often times on these panels I end up playing the role of "wet blanket" - which the contrarian in me loves but the marketing geek in me hates. But the truth is that most of the cool, exciting technologies are not yet ready for prime time, mostly because most businesses' customers and prospects aren't ready for them either. And shouldn't that be the answer to most questions? Unless you have unlimited budget or are serving the cutting edge you need to think really hard about investing in programs that are beyond the adoption curve. Do they meet my business goals? Do I have the content to support it? Will the people I care about know how to access it?These are all marketing 101 questions but too often they don't get asked when people are developing it showin…