5 Facts from a new report on Social Sharing

Earlier this week, my friend Jeff McKenna and I released a new Chadwick Martin Bailey Consumer Pulse report about why, how, and what people share content online. As a social media junkie, this was research close to my heart. And I love being able to add a “voice of the people” to the results from the chats iModerate conducted as part of the research.

Below are five of my favorite findings from this research.
  • 75% of people are somewhat / highly likely to share content they like online
  • For 18-34, email & Facebook are used similarly for social sharing, for 35+ email is dominant
  • 31% of people who share do it to generate thoughtful ideas or discussion
  • 32% of people have shared coupons and discounts in the past 3 months
  • Only 10% of people who share online content are less likely to share branded content


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