Bad Sales Story Part 1: A for Guts, F for Execution

You’ll all enjoy this…

I took a call from a salesperson today – prearranged by him – who spent at least ten or 15 minutes of a 20 minute call telling me why my company wasn’t necessarily a good fit because we weren’t focused enough on cpg – despite my saying its one of our top 3 verticals, showing some long term interest in understanding what they do, and asking questions about it. I am big believer in saying that its not a good fit when its not a good fit, but this was absurd and he was excessively blunt about it.

He asked a bunch of qualifying questions which I did my best to answer, but never once did he take what I said and try to turn it into an opportunity for himself.

And then at the end he had the guts to ask me if I could refer him to anyone else at other companies.




Dianne said…
do you work in marketing? ;)

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