Ideas are Everywhere!

At Invoke, we're in an interesting position regarding Innovation because we are constntly innovating ourselves and often play a role in our clients Innovation process. To learn more we attended IIR and PDMA's Front End of Innovation Conference this week.

Three of the top themes I picked up...

  1. Ideas are everywhere and in many cases the easy part of the innovation process. Its narrowing the field and actually bringing them to market that is the hard part.

  2. Almost every company who presented has some sort of stage gate process in place for new product development. Research can drive this, but in many case its more a valuable input from the consumer perspective that is used at key points in the process.

  3. If Innovation is being used to solve problems, look outside your company, outside your industry, and potentially outside man-made products to see what has already been done that can be transferred. Innovation does not necessarily mean invention!


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