Exactly How They Drew it Up

The biggest challenge with any marketing initiative or promotional idea is that what looks great on paper often doesn't translate to the real world.

This past weekend a cross-promotion between Dunkin Donuts and Six Flags New England worked exactly as it was supposed to.

1. On Friday I was getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts and noticed a flyer on the counter for reduced rate tickets to Six Flags New England.

2. When I got to the office I emailed my wife suggesting that we go over the weekend.

3. On sunday morning we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get iced coffee and pick up the coupons before driving to Six Flags and paying child rates for adult tickets (love the Dark Knight and Superman coasters!)

4. All week I have been telling people about the experience and the promotion.

Just like they drew it up! I am, and always have been a sucker for a good promotion or selling strategy, but this one get my kudos!


Stephanie said…
My sisters and I always hoarded Coke cans with promotions for Six Flags on them when we were kids. When tickets for amusement parks are so expensive, you have to--and I'm sure we weren't the only ones!

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