Do your participants thank you at the end of a survey?

Comments from the end of a 60-minute Engage Open interactive research session... with over 200 participants and no live moderator! I bet you don't get these on your normal quantitative studies.
  • "Thank you for this opportunity. I like to voice my opinion and this is great way to make that happen!"
  • “thanks this was fun”
  • “Thank you peter”
  • “I had a great time and hope your products are in the market soon, bye”
  • “Thank you for having me!”
  • “Thank you for letting me give my opinion”
  • “Thank you for your time Peter! Have a good weekend!”
  • “i really enjoyed taking this discussion. thanks again”
  • “yes this was very interesting thank you for letting me participate”
  • “Different, but very interesting survey. It involved some very important issues”
  • “had a great time sorry it ended so soon”


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