Data Quality Webcast Take-Aways

Earlier this week, I watched an AMA webcast on data quality and the role of questionnaire design in ensuring it. It was much better than most of the seemingly hundreds I have watched on this topic and had three main take-aways.

  1. Researchers need to take the time to construct a well thought out questionnaire that incorporates both research needs AND the respondent experience

  2. It is essential to pre-test new methods, question sets, and complex designs prior to using them in a live study

  3. Using technology and interactivity is essential, but make sure you are applying the right approach for the task.

I couldn't agree more! Incorporating logical thought into the research process is key to higher quality and engagement and using technology built with engagement in mind (like Invoke and Vision Critical) makes the end result far more useful.

Watch the webcast here.


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