More Industry Trends

I received my new AMA Greenbook today and not to be too self-serving, but there is a great summary of the Rockhopper Industry Trends Report at the front (Invoke helped with the research.)


The future looks bright for the research industry. Increased demand and higher billings are expected in 2007 and beyond. Notably, clients and providers, both small and large, are expecting the demand for research to grow. While budget control and concern over cost management is widespread, the desire for actionable, quality research is fueling the forecast for increased revenue. Several factors are driving this optimism:

  • Research is increasingly valued as a strategic necessity by clients. Providers and client research departments are delivering actionable results and guidance. Some, however, do still view research as a staff function and this view results in budget cuts during tough times. Those that demonstrate the positive role research can play are finding more projects and higher budgets coming their way.

  • Corporate profits are up and more funds are available for research.

  • Mergers & acquisitions result in new brands and services added to clients’ roster.

  • Management fills gaps in consumer knowledge for these additions by funding more research.

  • Expansion into international markets is fueling a need for larger scale studies and larger budgets.

Download the whole report here.


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