It took longer than it should have, but today I am officially converted. After spending over 8 years in the marketing research industry I have decided that "traditional" methods are NOT better than new ones.

You see, here at Invoke we're launching a new "product" right now called Engage Open which is an adaptation of our core business - live, interactive, quali-quant research sessions. Please note that I am not a researcher, although I could play one on tv easily.

This is what I know. On Thursday I made some changes to a 60-minute Engage Open research session about "Green Marketing," adding some questions pertaining to the presidential campaign and the impact of "Green issues" on people's perception of the candidates. On Friday I watched responses roll in via our Observer Dashboard. And by Sunday I had well over 250 completes with a wealth of verbatims, quantitative answers, and people thanking the "moderator" for the experience. All for a $5 incentive. Trust me, a normal quant. study isn't pulling that off.

The bottom line: Research doesn't need to be so complex. Ask questions, get answers, make decisions. All in a matter of days.


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