How to manage your weekly facebook marketing campaigns in just 20 minutes of computer time

Facebook takes a lot of heat in the blogosphere but they have made on the fly page management much easier in the last few weeks and should be applauded for it. With the ability to schedule posts and see/respond to comments quickly from their new mobile Pages app they've made the life of an admin who is not paid to be a community manager much easier.

Here's how I'd do it spending just twenty minutes a week on the computer:

1) Set up a like-gated exclusive offer using a tool like Constant Contact's Social Campaigns;

2) Schedule a series of related promotional posts for the week (3-5 should do it);

3) Keep an eye on any comments using the pages app and respond on the fly (turn your notifications on!);

4) At the end of the week log on to Facebook and/or Constant Contact, see your results using campaign stats and facebook insights, and build your next week of activity

That's it!


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