Five signs of professional maturity (in six sentences)

Sometimes I feel like I am just getting old. Sometimes I think I am just getting smarter. The truth is that when it comes to work work, I think I am actually maturing. Sure, I'll make the occasional sophomoric joke and get really excited for our Friday afternoon beer cart but I'm not a kid anymore.

Here are five signs of professional maturity I've been noticing:

- I recognize that there are lots of "right" ways to solve a problem, and they aren't all mine

- I am proud when employees move on to a better job, even if it hurts

- I proudly admit that there are things I don't know (and don't need to)

- I'm willing to criticize and happy to be criticized

- I'm okay with silence in a meeting and waiting the person on the other side of the table to speak first

Maybe I'm delusional, but it feels like progress... what do you think?


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