What Patriot’s Day is Really About (in Six Sentences)

Patriot’s Day has traditionally been about honoring the revolutionaries who helped the United States come into existence, and for many people it still is.  But as someone who was raised in Boston it means more than that to me.  Patriot’s Day (or Marathon Monday as many Bostonians refer to it) reminds us all that if you believe in something and are willing to take chances you can make a difference.  That there is pride in being a local and participating in local traditions (i.e., pushing yourself to the limit or bbq'ing and drinking beer while other people run). And that challenging authority is not only a right but a responsibility if you want to make a difference. 

In short, while I’ve never fought in a war, Patriot’s Day always reminds me that there is often a better way if you’re willing to fight for it, what does it mean to you?


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