GE Healthcare at The Market Research Event

We're looking forward to supporting our client, Andrew Vranesic from GE Healthcare as he presents on B2B Segmentation at The Market Research Event coming up soon in Las Vegas. If you're attending, make sure you check it out and swing by the CMB Booth to say hi!

B2B Segmentation: Helpful Hints to Address Challenges in Segmenting Organizations

While its true that even in a B2B setting people buy from people, research conducted to understand the decision making process needs to incorporate a different set of parameters to make sure the insights are actually useful.B2B purchases often involve multiple and sometimes competing belief systems, have longer decision and product life cycles, and unit purchase amounts that, as a consumer, can be hard to comprehend.

This session will share some of the valuable lessons we have learned over the years that you can use to craft a successful B2B segmentation model.

  • Know what type of segmentation is appropriate to use

  • Using pattern recognition to produce segments

  • How to include channel demands and service outputs to maximize your B2B segmentation.

  • The importance of qualitative data and consumer insight to create segment stories

Andrew Vranesic, Global Product Marketing Manager, General Electric (Healthcare-IT)


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