Conference Season

This month's Quirk's Magazine enewsletter has a nice little piece on whteher or not people should go to trade shows. Its a tricky question that really depends on your goals and your execution plan.

In my mind there are four main benefits to attending.

1) Spending quality time with the clients we are co-presenting with (this year includes Facebook and GE Healthcare).

2) Connecting with potential clients who are both interested in high quality research and work for organizations willing to invest in finding good partners.

3) Acquiring a lead source we can utilize throughout the year.

4) Listening to the "industry conversation" and getting involved.

In my last job, co-workers often lamented about the lack of booth traffic but I believe that quality outpaces quantity at conferences. We also build a strategy around setting up meetings in advance, gathering key learnings, and making every opportunity count. Without those pieces in place it may be a waste, but for us it pays dividends (at the right events.)

Will you be hitting the fall conference circuit?


Robin said…
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