My awesome new cell phone

Yesterday I purchased an LG Voyager - despite my yearning for an iPhone. The iPhone presented a bunch of problems (wrong carrier, not enough storage to replace my ipod) yet I wanted one because I love Apple and I love my iPod. So after three unsuccessful attempts to buy a new phone (stories of bad sales and service for another time) I wound up in a Verizon Wirless located in Circuit City and ended up buying a sweet new LG Voyager.

The Voyager and its new brother the LG Dare are clearly meant to cut into iPhone sales. They have a full html browser, music capabilities, and a better phone. The Dare even looks like an iPhone.

But the point of my story is that the sales person, Thom, didn't try to sell me an iPhone alternative. He asked what I was looking for and found a solution. I came away excited about my new Voyager and without the feeling that I was "settling" for less than I really wanted.

The big takeaway - sell what you have, not what you don't and your shoppers will become happy customers.


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