Simple Rules for Quick and Relevant Research

Earlier this week I was given a summary of Dirk Engel's article from the 2007 ESOMAR Conference offering 5 Simple Rules to quick and relevant research. You can download the article here if you register.

The 5 rules below are key in today's fast turn research world, where there is generally neither time nor money nor inclination to conduct long and complex projects. Its also the backbone for Invoke's Agency Program.

  1. Combine the Advantages of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Instead of Insisting on Sky-scraping Methodology Standards
  2. Make Sure that the Results of Ad-hoc Studies can be Combined with Big Representative Surveys
  3. Keep Cost Efficiency and Time to Market in Mind
  4. Do Some Jobs by Yourself
  5. Ensure a Flexible but Trusting Cooperation Between Client and Research Agency


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