Great Ideas from Research CEOs

One of the sessions I attended at the ARF Conference was a panel discussion that included the CEOs from Kantar, GFK, Nielsen, and TNS. Here is a sampling of responses wehn asked about what they could do better to drive data quality and increase the usefulness of research deliverables.

  1. Be bold in the delivery of insight and recommendations

  2. Think about what consumers are getting out of their survey experience

  3. Explore ways to better leverage technology

  4. Focus less on large sample sizes and more on research goals and objectives and how to meet them

  5. Make senior executives and researchers fill out surveys

  6. Continue to develop the ability to merge data sets

  7. Hire a better mix of researchers and non-researchers

And the big one is to remember that ensuring the quality of insights and data is a joint responsibility between suppliers and clients.

More to come...


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