Music is Good

In this month's Quirk's magazine there is a blurb about a partnership between EMI Music and Lightspeed Research that will offer UK and Western Europe respondents free music and video downloads as incentives via the website. I say brilliant! I don't care much for points and never seem to receive any cash incentives, but free music, now you're speaking my language!

Even better, I admire the creativity that Lightspeed is showing and that they recognize the changing landscape of consumers' online behavior. Good for Lightspeed and I hope more sample providers follow suit.

Speaking of music, I'll be out for the next few days at the world's greatest music and food experience (in my opinion): The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. If you love music, food, and people its a must do at some point... and don't forget that New Orleans still needs your help!

Until next time, keep being creative and thinking about how you can conduct better research.


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