Shopper Insights Take Away 1: Shopper Emotions

Here is the first of the takeaways from presentations at the Shopper Insights in Action Conference earlier this month in Chicago.

This presentation was from Chris Gray, Vice President of Shopper Psychology (cool title!) at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Winning Her Wallet By Meeting Her Mind.
  • 33 percent of brand loyal customers in 2007 abandoned those brands in

  • Shopper marketing has 3 secomds to make an impression, which is long enough for people to decide

  • Shoppers are consumers on a mission... they become task oriented, make choices beyond their normal considersation set (when not shopping), are pressured and bombarded while choosing, and are decision makers.

  • Deselection (being automatically ruled out) is the worst case scenario for brands

  • Ratonal claims work because they speak to consumers' emotonal goals.
    Make your teeth 30% whiter = i want to feel more confident and attractive

  • Positive emotions drive positive behaviors and the converse is true.

  • Narrowed focus, smaller budget, faster trips, less impulse purchases

  • Attention, Attraction, affinity, action, create opportunities to have experiences with customers

  • The following 8 emotions drive shopping (with some successful examples)

    1. Self creation- where you shop is part of who you are... (Whole Foods, Dos Equis most interesting man, Healthy Choice fresh mixers, Head and Shoulders end cap camera)

    2. Mastery- learn and test skills... (Apple stores, Whole Foods value tours, Diageo virtual bartender)

    3. Dreaming- imagine what could be... (Ikea rooms, Visa debit cards "tuesday afternoon" spots, Walmart pre prom event)

    4. Security-being prepared... (Walmart "prepare now", Hyundai assurance program, Iams premium protection)

    5. Sanctuary-reduce stress... (Airwick, Dole parfait)

    6. Connection- start and deepen relationships... (Costco samples, Aleve buy one get one promo)

    7. Sport- competition... (Black friday, eBay shop victoriously, Filene's basement "i just got a bargain" bags, running of the brides)

    8. Playtime- (Target halloween party, Carnival cruise lines play time (beach ball) ad, Sharpie project center


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