Taking Care of Customers Via Technology

Two quick stories today... one good, one bad.

I love what Ben and Jerry's sent me by email yesterday... taking a swipe at competitors downsizing by basically saying - A pint is still a pint. Good for them. I don't endorse price increases, but don't give me less than I am trying to buy. A pint is an actual size, not a figure of speech. Ugh. Just one more reason to love our friends from Vermont.

On a lesser note, I received a fascinating voice mail from my daily newspaper stating that rates were going up... but not what they were. Just that I could call a number for more information. So, they decide to use technology to communicate with their customers (good idea) but use that same concept to underhandedly raise my rates while putting the onus on the customer to find out how much. No wonder its a dying industry.


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