Hybrid Research: From the Market Research Event

One of the presentations I attended at The Market Research Event was Tina Bronkhorst from Digitas and Jen Drolet from iModerate talking and why and when to use Hybrid methodologies.

We live the the "hybrid" world, so much of this was not new to me, however at least once audience member asked "what exactly is hybrid?", reminding us once again that most research is still being done the old fashioned way

They discussed three main ways of conducting hybrid:

  • Online survey with IM-like chat intercept (iModerate)
  • Online focus groups/interactive research sessions with closed ended, open ended, IM-like chat and redirects (Invoke)
  • Online communities (Communispace, Passenger)

Watch here where Tina and Jen give a few tips from their workshop. Thank you both for a great workshop!

Read the full post on the TMRE Blog here


Thiago said…
Thanks for linking back to the TMRE blog Josh! I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop on using hybrid methodologies. Make sure to check back as we will be posting continuous updates on the event as well as news across the market research industry.

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