A Real Research Connection

A recent post over on the "Church of the Customer" Blog spoke about how the writer was asked to participate in a survey and obliged but felt that it was sorely lacking and wanted to drop off after the second question because it was boring, repetitive, and he didn't feel like he was giving valuable feedback. He suggests trimming it back to 4 main questions:
  1. Would you recommend?
  2. Explain why you answered that way.
  3. How would you describe the company?
  4. What can we do to improve?

In general I agree. Surveys are too long and still fail to ask the key questions that people want to answer. he also unknowingly suggests a qual-quant survey design.

But even more important, he makes the case for an interactive experience where customers and prospects feel like they are actually communicating with a company not just filling out a survey. That's the whole basis for what we do at Invoke and why after a "non-live" experience with our Engage open methodology, people are thanking us for the opportunity to share their opinions. Its rare that people feel they get to voice their praise and/or concerns and there is no question that participants provide better information when they feel valued (someone is actually listening.)


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