The Little Things Count

Whether you are designing surveys, working in retail, waiting tables, or selling services, the little things count when you are trying to influence someone's behavior.

One recent example from my life. I am a little obsessed with my dog, Baxter, and a few weeks ago we needed a place for him to stay while we went to visit family in Atlanta. In the past we have always had him stay with friends but this time we needed another option and decided to try out the Petsmart hotel that just opened near our house.

It was the closest to a kennel we had ever used and while I tried to hide it, I was anxious. Sure, I had bought all the add on activities and treats to keep him busy but leaving him with strangers in a strange place had me on edge. As I drove over I was already thinking of backup plans in case it didn't "feel" right. It all went away, however, when we walked through the door and they came right over and said "you must be Baxter, you're so cute!"

The people at Petsmart could have been more business like and I am sure it would have been okay, but instead they alleviated my fears and not only created a long term customer, they created an advocate.

The point: If you're in the services business, its very often the little things that make a difference in the end so make them part of the plan, not just an added benefit.


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