Automated Interactions Done Right

I was just reading an article in this month's AMP Agency Frequency Newsletter that talks about a new automated customer service strategy being used at Ikea (love that store!).

From the newsletter:"IKEA Website users are introduced to Anna, an automated online assistant, who not only is helpful but also has a sense of humor. When I asked about warranties, she automatically changed the browser to the correct section of the site. Then, when asked if she preferred cats or dogs, Anna told me 'Thanks for asking, but I’m only here to answer questions about IKEA so I don’t have any outside interests.'”

This is one example of an automated process working correctly. In research I have seen a wide array of automated interactions and most fail in my opinion (Like Socrates) because they are following a set of questioning that is supposed to be one on one, leaving little margin for error.

That's why Invoke's Engage Open platform simulates a group environment, allowing for questions that may not be 100% applicable and sharing other people's responses as part of the experience. With this approach, a properly worded discussion guide makes participants feel like they are part of a group research session that includes a moderator. In fact, many participants go as far as to thank the moderator at the end of the session. That is automation that works!


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