Hey Facebook, Thanks for the Leg Up!

As you probably may saw, Facebook turned ten this week and they've been thanking everyone they can reach for helping them get this far.  Businesses got a thank you note and every user got a cool look back video of their own experience with site.  Kudos on both!

As a marketing professional, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Facebook.  Without it I would not be where I am today, and that's a fact.  In truth, lots of my friends wouldn't be and we are all grateful as users and as marketers.

When I set up my first Facebook Page for Chadwick Martin Bailey I was just checking it out.  A year later we published research on why people like brands on Facebook and began making our way onto sites like Mashable, eMarketer and Wall Street Journal Online.  

As a company we started doing more and more around the evolution of marketing and as a marketing team we were out in front of the whole market research industry. As an individual I secured speaking opportunities and guest commentaries that helped me get hired by Constant Contact to help lead the launch of their Facebook marketing tool.

In the process we built a web site and seminars dedicated to teaching small businesses how to use Facebook to their advantage and drove widespread adoption of our own tools - NutshellMail and Social Campaigns.  

All of which helped me get connected to DreamFund - where I am jumping on the crowdfunding train as early as I can.  

It's been a fun ride that I plan to stay on.  And I think I can speak for many of us who play in the social media space and say thanks, we owe you one Facebook.


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