People as Brands on Twitter: Don't Ruin the Illusion

It would be silly to think that some of the biggest celebrities in the world man their own twitter accounts (even if some do, some of the time.). But there is no reason to ruin the illusion if you’re running a “brand" account when the bran itself is a person. One great example of this disconnect was a post made by Justin Timberlake’s twitter account this week.
The post read:
“Justin’s new album the 20/20 experience is now out!"
But wait, aren’t you Justin? There are two simple answers - just say “my album" or change the handle to make it clear that it’s an official but not personal account.
In the end, we all want to believe that twitter is a direct line to athletes and celebrities. If you’re running one of their accounts, don’t ruin that illusion!


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