Research Shows Video Games Are Good For Me

When I was younger I used to make the case to my mother that playing video games was good for me. Turns out people are starting to agree!

My firm, Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB), recently conducted research and found that 59% of Americans were contemplating making a resolution to lose weight. The difference this year is their approach.

While the majority (41%) still plan to lace up their running shoes and pound the pavement, there is a growing trend of consumers turning to interactive fitness products to shed those extra pounds, all without leaving the comfort of their home. In fact, more Americans said they plan to use an interactive fitness solution like EA SPORTS Active™ or Wii Fit™ (13%) rather than purchasing traditional fitness equipment (6%) or joining a traditional diet program like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or NutriSystem (5%).
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To me this isn't shocking at all. As time crunches increase and the complexity of the fitness games increases, this is becoming a ver viable option. Wii Fit was fun, but EA Sports Active is a workout I have to admit makes me sore. It may have taken years, but I can finally tell my mom that video games are good for me!


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