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If you like this blog I think you'll enjoy an upcoming free webinar from Invoke Solutions, featuring Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst Brad Bortner:

Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Research for Better, Faster, Product, Communications, and Positioning Insights

December 10, 2008 at Noon ET

Register here:

Invoke Solutions, a pioneer in online research, will be joined by Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst Brad Bortner, for a webinar about using innovative approaches to deliver better, faster, more cost effective research that supports specific product, communications and positioning decisions.

Together, Brad and Invoke’s Peter Mackey will define some of the changes in today’s research environment that have altered the optimal modes for data collection and analysis.

They will specifically be focusing on Invoke’s breakthrough solutions that gather qualitative and quantitative data at once, turn projects around in 2-4 weeks, and present findings through an interactive, transparent way to foster collaboration and quick decision making.


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