AMA Research Conference Observations: Part 2

One of the sessions I attended was a panel discussion of how to use the internet to its full advantage and improve the respondent experience. Some best practices:

  • Respect the survey taker

  • Take your own survey (I have a hard time believing the 70% of the room that claimed they did this on a regular basis)

  • Clearly define the value proposition for the survey taker

  • Do not ask the same question over and over

  • Listen to the supplier and demand creativity

  • Collaborate more effectively and leverage new tools to bring new solutions to clients

They went on to remind the group that online surveys don't just compete with each other for respondent attention, they compete with all online entertainment options. Some of the online companies/tools that they thought helped compete and engage respondents were:

  • Visual questions

  • Dial research

  • Web bytes

  • Discussion boards

  • Invoke

  • Nielsen IAG

  • iModerate

  • Ocucom

It was good to see the non-traditional methods coming to the forefront and will hopefully drive continued adoption.

See you at ESOMAR next week!


Rocky said…
I appreciate the labour you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

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