Wait, when did I become the "slow down" guy?

Wait, when did I become the "slow down" guy?

Fast, not flawless. Get shit done. Ship it. Sell it. 

All common startup expressions. And I love them all. It's why I began working at startups and something I always prided myself on before I even entered the startup world.  So, why do I feel like I've become the guy who keeps saying "can we just slow down a little?"

Other than simply getting older and grayer (I mean more experienced), here are three reasons I've been pumping the brakes a little. 
  1. Some things need to simmer to be properly cooked: discuss over coffee, have a conversation without a decision, really listen, think bigger or wider.
  2. Big time customers expect more: whether you've officially crossed the chasm or not, when you get those awesome logos that your sales team loves it means you need to treat  them like the enterprises that they are. They didn't buy you because you're a startup, they bought from you to solve a problem and expect things to work, be clearly communicated, and to have minimal surprises.
  3. The bigger you get, the more you don't know: other teams are affected, other initiatives are under way, you've moved past the "if I don't do it, no one will" phase
Still, I do believe in fast, not flawless. But does it need to be warped speed or can we grab a cup of coffee first?


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