Work/Life Balance: 5 Things I Try To Do Every Day

Life can be hard. Work, parenting, traffic… They all bring our stress and anxiety to elevated levels that I personally don’t want to be at. Here are 5 things I try to do every day to level them out.
1. Agree with someone. It’s easy to be contrary all the tome but acknowledging other people’s good ideas goes much further.
2. Challenge something. Pushing yourself and others to be better helps create the world you want to live in and provides a strong sense of accomplishment.
3. Completely space out. Falling into a song or a tv show or a smell that takes me away from my desk or car or house changes my entire outlook.
4. Be present. Putting the phone down and truly engaging in a conversation with a living, breathing person makes you remember how great human interaction is.
5. Laugh. Funny and enjoyable things are happening all the time. Making room in my day for them always makes me feel better about the hard stuff.


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