An open letter to companies planning to start a new social network

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Social Network Starter,

I understand that you and your company have been working on building a social network for months, maybe even years, but most of the people you want to join and use it are not going to be interested. It's not that the functionality isn't great, I am sure it is. And we may even sign up to check it out. But we just can't divide our attention any further and we certainly can't convince our friends and colleagues and parents and children to move from one place to another.

We appreciate your intentions but ask you to refocus your efforts. If Facebook is the new tv, you can be the AMC to our NBC. We are interested and eager to see how you can take Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin to a new level. But we ask you please... Do not make us sign up for a new network. Our dust covered Quora, Plaxo, and G+ (too soon?) accounts send their regards.


Internet users everywhere


Peg Corwin said…

May I please republish this letter on my blog, I think your question is quite on target for many of those considering such niche sites.

Peg Corwin
mendelj2 said…

Thanks for your comment, go right ahead!


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