Holiday Travel in 2009: Leave the Lights On, Grab The Tylenol

We recently conducted some research on holiday travel plans for the 2009, finding that 39% of holiday travelers will stay with friends or family and43% of those traveling will drive instead of fly .

The study also found that over half of all Americans will still travel this holiday season, 85% are traveling to visit friends and family.

"We see this news as very positive for travel companies," comments Judy Melanson leader of Chadwick Martin Bailey’s Travel and Hospitality practice. "At least for the holiday season we are not seeing big drop-offs in actual travel or spending. People may be shifting their dollars but they are not simply staying home."

There’s also good news on the spending front. Most are spending the same or more on holiday travel this year than last. Many (43%) are choosing to drive instead of fly this holiday season, while 39% are staying with friends and family instead of staying in a hotel. All of these measures are helping consumers to still travel to see family and friends this holiday season despite the economy.

The outlook for 2010 looks equally positive with 85% expecting their personal financial situation to remain the same or get better over the next year.


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